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    Int Homerun Kings

    Name Team Homeruns
    Callum Murray Rotary 4
    Jake Martin Rotary 3
    Parker Moore Hobie 3
    Declan Jenal Rotary 1
    Brady Stringham VFW 1
    Trey Wilson VFW 1

    AAA Homerun Kings

    Player Team Homeruns
    Luke Bogdan CBA 1

    Int Strikeout Leaders

    Player Team K
    Parker Moore Hobie 46
    Patrick Nugent Rotary 36
    Aaron Crosby Hobie 29
    Dylan Brown Hobie 29
    Jack Hurst Hobie 22

    AAA Strikeout Leaders

    Player Team K
    Silas Murray CBA 34
    Cam Hennessey UPS Store 29
    Brooks Carter UPS Store 28
    Archie Bradshaw UPS Store 28
    Alec Nugent MJ Group 28

    AA Strikeout Leaders

    Player Team K
    Asher Halbert Stu News 34
    Robbie Kimball Wine Gallery 25
    James Seminoff Lumberyard 24
    Eli Arum Lumberyard 24
    Ryder Bright Wine Gallery 24

    Field Status

    Field Status Last Updated
    Riddle Open 3/16/21
    El Moro Closed 2/4/21
    TOW Closed 2/4/21
    Alta Laguna Open 3/16/21
    Lang Park Open 3/16/21
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    LBLL Latest News

    Registration is now only open for T-Ball

    By LBLL 03/05/2021, 12:45pm PST

    Our Spring Registration is now open only to T-Ball players

    T-Ball is for 4 and 5 year old players as well as 6 year olds new to baseball.