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Iron Horse Umps

Congrats to George Lefevre and Andrew Barnett for covering the most games in the 2019 spring season

LBLL Local Rules

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Welcome to the umpire portion of our website!

As you may know, Laguna Beach Little League strives to be an all volunteer league. While we offer many different volunteer opportunities to assist with running our league, there may not be any that are as important and respected and therefore more rewarding than umpiring.

We can’t play the games without our umpires and they provide a valuable service the Little League community greatly appreciates.

We also recognize that umpiring may not be the easiest volunteer position to choose and because of that we’ve put together a program that hopefully will help our volunteers get up and running quickly and provide them the support necessary to make umpiring a rewarding experience.

Our umpire training and support program includes multiple opportunities for hands-on training, an incentives and rewards program and frequent in-season support and communication.

We’ve also revamped the umpire content here to hopefully answer many questions you may have about umpiring a Little League game. Here’s a quick overview of the things you’ll find here:

5 Minute Umpire - While not meant as a replacement for actual training, this page summarizes and reinforces the mechanics training on home plate positioning, base umpire positioning, how to perform the basic hand signals and more.

Umpire Tips - Provides concise info on pre-game activities and things to consider to help run a quick moving game

Safety Check - Guidelines on how to perform the mandatory equipment check before each game.

Umpire Myths - This is a running list of common myths about the rules of baseball

Rewards Program - This is where you can learn more about some of the incentives we are running to show our appreciation of our volunteer umps

Online Resources - This is a running list of websites and videos to help add to your umpiring knowledge.

If you have any questions about umpiring or are interested in umpiring for Laguna Beach Little League, please drop us a line at

LBLL Umpire News