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    All-stars Registration closes 5/14


    Darius Morales Elev8 16
    Logan Guerrero Rotary 5
    Achilles Morales Elev8 5
    Declan Jenal VFW 4
    Aaron Crosby VFW 4
    Callum Murray Elev8 3
    Wyatt Bogdan Rotary 3
    Brady Stringham Elev8 3
    Xander Briney Rotary 3
    Will Kimball Elev8 2
    Jack Hurst Rotary 2
    Jake Martin Rotary 2
    Miles Barnett VFW 1
    Mason Sprinkle Rotary 1
    Logan Guerrero Rotary 1
    Braylon Vellmure Elev8 1
    Kai Kiaser Rotary 1


    Luke Bogdan Hackett 3
    Kade Anderson Hackett 1
    Jack Gonzales Hackett 1

    INT Strikeout Leaders

    Name Team K's
    Aaron Crosby VFW 85
    Declan Jenal VFW 68
    Achilles Morales Elev8 56
    Brady Stringham Elev8 52
    Jake Martin Rotary 52

    MAJORS Strikeout Leaders

    Name Team K's
    Cam Hennessey Hobie 55
    Braden Hansen Hackett 43
    Brooks Carter CBA 42
    Cole Steinke Hobie 36
    Ace Halpern Hobie 36
    Alec Nugent Hackett 34

    AAA Strikeout Leaders

    Name Team K's
    Sebastian Nitoglia Canes 55
    Asher Halbert UPS Store 53
    Ejay Plesha Wine Gallery 33
    Christain Offield Canes 30
    Robbie Kimball Wine Gallery 28

    AA Strikeout Leaders

    Name Team K's
    Miles Olsen Tuvalu 53
    Aaron Ticatch Laguna Police 52
    Wes Peters The Ranch 48
    Connor Smith The Ranch 41
    Dylan Geiger Lumberyard 39

    Final regular season totals as of 5/14

    Field Status

    Field Status Last Updated
    Riddle Open 3/30
    El Moro Open 3/29
    TOW Open 3/29
    Alta Laguna Open 3/29
    Lang Park Open 3/29
    Thurston Open 3/29

    Congratulations to our tournament winners

    • Majors - Hackett (Tournament and Regular Season Champs)


    LBLL Latest News

    Photo Day is 4/2

    By LBLL 03/17/2022, 2:15pm PDT

    Photo day is Saturday 4/2. Find your team's photo time here: